Who are we?

Schools For Change in Africa (SCA) is a non-profit organization formed in 2011 by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Denver-area professionals who share a passion for kids in Burkina Faso, Africa.

All SCA board members are volunteers, so 100% of all money raised goes toward building a school in Burkina Faso and raising awareness for the children there.

What are we doing?

We are currently raising funds for and building a middle school in Tolotama, Burkina Faso, and we're raising awareness for girls' education in Africa.

Of the many obstacles facing students in Burkina Faso, three of the biggest are:

  1. There are often no schools to attend.
  2. Parents don't have money for tuition or boarding.
  3. Girls are frequently not sent to school.

The school we plan to open will address each of these central issues. The school will be privately run and will welcome all students. An emphasis will be placed on aiding at-risk girls who normally would not be able to pay for school.

Why Tolotama? There's only one school there, and it's an elementary school. Parents can't afford tuition and board at the big-town school 20 miles away, nor can they afford the loss of their children's help at home. Many kids in Tolotama don't go to school.

What's our plan?

We're going to need about $270,000 to build our school, which in one way is daunting. In another way, that's about as much money as a moderately wealthy American family might spend to buy a home. It's not pocket change, but we can do it.

We've already been given land on which to build our school and have the support and assistance of Burkinabe educators who are as passionate about the project as we are - a good head start and a great way to ensure the sustainability of the project.

We've been in the process of establishing a business plan for the school and tackling the building process with our Burkinabe counterparts. We will travel to Burkina in the near future to meet with potential builders and talk to our contacts about more concrete details of how the schoool will operate. Funds permitting, we'll install a water pump while we're there.

Our goals for the next 1-2 years are to:

KOALA family with Peace Corps volunteer Elisabeth Chop in 2014. THe KOALAs are some of our primary investors. Photo taken by a member of KOALA family.

Our actual blueprints.
Photo: Robert Hartwig

A prospective student!
Photo: Elizabeth Chop

Photo: Robert Hartwig

Our patch of ground. We like to picture a school here.
Photo: Robert Hartwig